Ralf Edlinger Clip

“In a time when most sponsored kids can literally do every single trick in the book, creativity is one of the keys to distinguish yourself from the broad mass of really good skateboarders. Ralf definitely stands out from the crowd – not only because he`s a full grown giant of a man, but because he`s an artist on a skateboard. He sees uniqe ways to skate certain obstacles and he`s got enough raw power and skill on any terrain to make his thoughts a reality. Sometimes the moves he pulls off just seem surreal, like a scene out of a videogame. Also, I know for a fact that sometimes when he does a trick into a manual or grind he doesn`t even know yet which trick he`s gonna do out. I find it absolutely unfair! Still, I love to watch him play with his wooden toy.”

– Stefan Ebner (x-double skate shop team manager)

Wörgl d.i.y – testing the new section

Without any experience how to work with concrete we started building the first section of the park seven years ago. Since this time we somehow got addicted and whenever we have a bit of money collected we come back to the construction site to build another part! Wörgl Skatepark became one of the best skate spots in Austria and after all there is no end in sight! There’s plenty of ground left to be covered with concrete in the next years! Many thanks go to all the guys that invested months of hard work & the Pilotto Skate Shop for supporting this project since day one!

Featured riders: Roman Erhart, Alban Millaku, Patrick Freitag & Roman Astleitner