Alex Hallford Welcome Clip

“Alex is pretty much the loosest most wreckless guy I’ve ever witnessed on a skateboard. I watch him skate with a pretty even mix of fear and enjoyment. Just when you think it’s all going to go very wrong it works out just right!”

– Nick Powley (skate pharmacy)


Welcome to the Team Robin Bolian!

“Robin is part of the new generation of all – terrain rippers! Whatever stands in front of him, he’ll shred it with the ease and consistency of a well seasoned skateboarder – street, trannies, he’ll handle the biz no matter what, and to top it off, he’ll do it with such an effortless style!“ – Greg Poissonnier (Slappy agency)

Welcome to the Team Robin Bolian!

Welcome to the Team Nuno Relógio!

“Nuno Relógio is a true street ripper! He lives in the Algarve in the south of Portugal. He’s a fighter and nothing can stop him from doing big rails even on calçada (typical Portuguese pavement). Watch out!” – Bruno Machado (Skate for the Devil Distribution)